Adair Village Passes Moratorium

ADAIR VILLAGE, Ore. — In a unanimous 5-0 vote, the Adair Village City Council voted Tuesday night to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in town for the next year. Under Senate Bill 1531, the state will allow approved medical marijuana dispensaries, but local governments are allowed to impose a moratorium to ban them up until May … Continue reading »

Church Named Historical Site

ADAIR VILLAGE, Ore. – The oldest church in Benton County has been added to the National Register of Historic Places, and the County is working to renovate the building to reopen. The County acquired the North Palestine Baptist Church a few years ago and moved it from its original location at the Palestine Cemetery betewen … Continue reading »

Activists Try to Free Birds

ADAIR VILLAGE, Ore. — An investigation is underway after someone cut open bird cages at a wildlife visitor area just north of Corvallis Thursday night. An anonymous person claiming to be part of the Animal Liberation Front contacted KEZI 9 News claiming responsibility for the act, saying the group is trying to free the birds … Continue reading »