Young Boxer Wins New Championship

LOWELL, Ore. — A local woman competing in big league boxing tournaments has won another major competition. Akayla Devereaux won the 2015 Regional Golden Gloves Championship in Bend Saturday night. She’s currently a student at Lane Community College and lives at home in Lowell. She started her path in boxing a couple years ago as … Continue reading »

Teen Boxer Wins Second Title

LOWELL, Ore. — A teenager from Lowell, who is quite an inspiration to her friends, family, and community, has jabbed her way to her second boxing title. Last Sunday, Akayla Devereaux and her dad jack drove 29 hours to Missouri. They say the drive was worth it because they didn’t come home empty handed. Devereaux … Continue reading »

Lowell Boxer Wins National Competition

LOWELL, Ore. — A five-sport star from Lowell, south of Springfield is in the fast track to big things in the ring. Akayla Devereaux just returned from winning a national tournament for Native Americans this past week. She’s only been boxing for four months, but she spent almost every day training for this tournament The … Continue reading »