Allard Sentenced to Prison

EUGENE, Ore. — A former little league coach in Eugene will spend six and a half years in prison. Jacky Allard pleaded guilty to four counts of encouraging child sex abuse Wednesday morning. In December, his twin brother Jody, was sentenced to five years in prison for encouraging child sex abuse. The prosecutor wouldn’t go … Continue reading »

Allard Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison

EUGENE, Ore. — One of two well known brothers facing several sex crime charges was sentenced to five years in prison Thursday. Jody and Jacky Allard are each facing 20 counts of encouraging child sex abuse, after investigators say they found pornographic images on their computers in March. They fled the state and were arrested … Continue reading »

Allard Brothers Returning to Oregon

EUGENE, Ore. — Two well-known brothers from Eugene, who fled to Colorado while being investigated for child sex abuse crimes will be headed back to Oregon soon. Colorado officials have received the warrants for Jacky and Jody Allard. They’re now waiting for Oregon officials to transport them back to Oregon to face charges of encouraging … Continue reading »

Allard Brothers Charged in Porn Case

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene teacher and his brother have now been charged with encouraging child sexual abuse. A spokesman with the Bethel School District says the justice department told district officials Jody and Jacky Allard were indicted on 10 counts each of first-degree and second degree encouraging child sexual abuse. The justice department would … Continue reading »

Brothers Investigated in Child Porn Case

EUGENE, Ore. — A local teacher and his brother with close ties to the Babe Ruth Baseball League in the Eugene area are in jail in Colorado. Jody and Jacky Allard are accused of leaving Oregon during a child pornography investigation. Officials from the Bethel School District say they feel deeply disappointed with the former … Continue reading »