Allegiant Stops Hawaii Flights to Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene travelers will soon say aloha to non-stop flights from Eugene to Honolulu. That’s aloha as in goodbye. Allegiant Airlines is already cutting that service from Eugene. Allegiant airlines announced in November that it would be adding the non-stop flights from Eugene to Hawaii, but just a few months later they’re stopping … Continue reading »

Allegiant to Halt Eugene-Hawaii Flights

EUGENE, Ore. — Allegiant Air announced Thursday that it will halt flights between Eugene and Honolulu. The airline’s service to Hawaii was just announced in November; but starting Aug. 14, Allegiant will no longer offer flights to Honolulu from Eugene and a handful of other cities. According to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Newspaper, an Allegiant spokesperson … Continue reading »

First Direct Palm Springs Flight

EUGENE, Ore. — Gray skies got you down? How about a trip to sunny Palm Springs? Allegiant Air’s first direct flight there from the Eugene Airport took off Thursday afternoon. Travelers say they’re excited to visit somewhere a bit warmer and sunnier this fall. “We’re going to lay by the pool, and if there’s a … Continue reading »

Non-stop Flights to Palm Springs

EUGENE, Ore. — Allegiant Air is looking out for all you snowbirds in the Willamette Valley, as it’s now offering non-stop flights to Palm Springs, California just in time to ditch the rain this winter. Allegiant will fly its first non-stop to Palm Springs November 15. The introductory one-way fares are going to be offered … Continue reading »