Vehicle Hangs Over Amazon Creek

EUGENE, Ore. — There was a strange sight at Amazon Creek Friday afternoon. Police say a woman from Montana was getting out of her vehicle when she knocked the gear shift lever into gear and her vehicle rolled into the slough. It happened just before 2 p.m.¬†at East 17th Avenue and Willamette Street. The city … Continue reading »

Hundreds of Trees Planted Near Beltline

EUGENE, Ore. — Dozens of people came out on Saturday to help beautify an empty stretch of land in west Eugene that hundreds of people drive by every day. About 100 volunteers turned out for the event, coordinated by Friends with Trees. They planted 211 new trees and shrubs on the land, which runs along … Continue reading »

Friends of Trees Seeks Volunteers

EUGENE, Ore. — A group in Eugene will be planting hundreds of trees and anyone’s welcome to join. Friends of Trees is teaming up with ODOT to plant 207 trees and shrubs along a path near the west Eugene wetlands. They say it’s all in an effort to help clean the water that flows into … Continue reading »

Council Discusses Beverly Property

EUGENE, Ore. — The Beverly property, which contains the Amazon Creek headwaters, has been a topic of discussion for more than a decade, and on Wednesday the Eugene City Council continued talks of purchasing the nearly 25 acres of land. The possibility of putting housing on the land has become real, and many community members … Continue reading »

Fern Ridge Path Closed for Repairs

EUGENE, Ore. — Starting Sept. 9, parts of a popular bike and running path in Eugene are closed to the public. The Fern Ridge Path along Amazon Creek will be under construction as part of a two-part project. First, crews will work to stabilize the bank to prevent the eroding of the creek banks. After … Continue reading »

Pesticides Found in Amazon Creek

EUGENE, Ore. — Members of the Long Tom Watershed Council say they chose to study Amazon Creek because it’s unique. “We decided to start monitoring and become more active in water quality with Amazon Creek because we recognize the impacts that Amazon has on a lot of the Long Tom Watershed Council’s work down stream,” … Continue reading »

Collapsed Wall Repaired

EUGENE, Ore. — The Amazon Trail is back open days after a 20-foot section of wall collapsed into the neighboring creek. Last week’s flood waters were responsible for taking out the wall near 24th Avenue. Eugene Public Works says contracting crews fortified the area with large concrete blocks. Crews will be back out Wednesday to … Continue reading »

Wall Collapses Into Amazon Creek

EUGENE, Ore. — After all last week’s rain, part of Amazon Creek couldn’t take all the water and a 20-foot section of wall collapsed into the creek. It happened just north of 24th Avenue. Part of the eastern wall of the creek crumbled into the water, along with the soil and grass on the other … Continue reading »

Car Almost Backs into Amazon Creek

EUGENE, Ore. — A car almost ended up in the Amazon slough Tuesday morning, but not because of the weather. The Eugene resident says he was backing out of his driveway across from the slough when his car sped up to 150 miles per hour. Luckily it stopped before he hit the water. He and … Continue reading »