America’s Best Communities Contest

EUGENE, Ore. – A competition is looking to award millions of dollars to struggling small towns, so they can strengthen their economies and revive the American dream. There are a lot of qualifying cities in Oregon; in fact, Coos County is featured in a video that is being distributed nationwide to encourage communities to enter … Continue reading »

Many Americans Don’t Plan to Retire

WASHINGTON — (CNN) A new study shows that nearly one in eight workers expect they will never be able to afford to retire completely. The new report, done by HSBC, looked at 16,000 people in 15 countries and studied their finances – most importantly their saving for retirement. It paints a gloomy picture, showing that retirement … Continue reading »

17 People Become U.S. Citizens

EUGENE, Ore. — Seventeen people from 11 different countries became U.S. citizens Friday in Eugene. Some of the new Americans hail from countries as close as Mexico and Canada. Others came from as far away as Ethopia, Romania, South Korea and Thailand.