Antibiotic Resistance a Major Threat

(CNN) — The World Health Organization (WHO) is calling for a global action plan to protect the power of antibiotics. WHO released its first global report on antimicrobial resistance Wednesday. The report warns that misuse and overuse of antibiotics could lead to a post-antibiotic era, where common infections that are usually easy to treat can … Continue reading »

Earache Treatment Guidelines Change

(CNN) — Pediatricians estimate that ear infections are one of the most common reasons they see young children. Although earaches take on different forms, the most common is called otitis media, which means an infection in the middle ear. Up until now there have always been questions on whether to treat a young child’s ear … Continue reading »

Oregon Top 5 Lowest Antibiotic Use

EUGENE, Ore. — A new study by the CDC finds Oregon is one of five states with the lowest rates of antibiotic use. Since 1999, the percentage of antibiotics prescribed nationwide dropped by 17 percent. Some parts of the country have struggled with high antibiotic use, but Oregon is not one of them. The other … Continue reading »