Verizon Launches Super Bowl App

MEDFORD, Ore. — A new application on smart phones is taking the 2015 Super Bowl experience to the next level. Verizon Wireless launched the Super Bowl Stadium app. Anyone with an iOS, Android or Windows smartphone through Verizon is able to download it. The app includes stadium seating charts, concession maps and Super Bowl commercials. The … Continue reading »

Uber Fined

EUGENE, Ore — The app-based ride sharing company Uber is picking up some flack along with its fares. Wednesday the city of Eugene fined Uber $2,000 for operating without a city public passenger vehicle license. Uber driver Brenda Laird says she needs the job. “If I didn’t have this job I don’t know what I … Continue reading »

FTC Sues Amazon for Charging Kids

(CNN) — It’s a scenario many parents know well. They hand their child a device to keep them busy. But do you know what they’re doing on it? Turns out, many kids may have been racking up millions of dollars in charges on gaming apps buying virtual items like coins, stars, or weapons. The problem … Continue reading »

Students Create CTS Bus App

CORVALLIS, Ore. — If you’re waiting for the bus but it’s running a little late, would you want to know where it’s at? Oregon State University students have created a new app for the Corvallis bus system, tracking down each bus to its exact location. “If you’re more of a visual person and you’d like … Continue reading »

App Helps UO Students Find Good Deals

EUGENE, Ore. — A new smartphone app will soon be available for University of Oregon students looking for good deals, but that’s not the only use for the app. The application is called UniverCity 3D. The founders say they wanted to develop an app that would help students stay more connected and help small businesses … Continue reading »

FDA Plans to Approve Some Medical Apps

(CNN) — The FDA says it will regulate some mobile health apps and not others. Specifically, it will regulate the ones that function as medical devices, such as ultrasounds, EKG machines or glucose readers. It will also regulate health apps that could potentially hurt patients if they don’t work properly. The agency will not regulate … Continue reading »

Workers in Eugene Bust Burglars in Utah

EUGENE, Ore. — Two determined workers in Eugene help stop a burglary ring. The unusual pursuit started Wednesday and spanned more than 700 miles. Gina Davis and Scott Bible work at Industrial Finishes in Eugene. They say one of their co-workers is in the Salt Lake City area. Someone broke into his house Wednesday and … Continue reading »

Oregon Launches Jobs App

SALEM, Ore. — If you’re on the job hunt, listen up! Now you can look for jobs across the state, using your smartphone. WorkSource Oregon launched the mobile app Monday, giving you access to listings 24/7. You can search for jobs by city, employer, or a keyword. Click here to see it.