Supermoon Tonight

(CNN) — The heavens will deliver a rare treat to moonstruck romantics and werewolves Sunday who rise before the sun. A feat of lunar synchronicity will create a Supermoon. This happens when the moon is full and at the same time reaches its perigee, the closest point to Earth in its orbit, according to NASA. … Continue reading »

Summer Star Watching

EUGENE, Ore. – Sean Cuellar talked with Jerry Oltion of the Eugene Astronomical Society on its summer star watching parties. The first star party starts at dusk on Friday, May 17. It takes place at College Hill Reservoir, 24th Avenue and Lawrence Street.

Meteorites in Eugene?

EUGENE, Ore. — A Springfield woman told KEZI 9 News she saw a meteor right here in our area Thursday night. So could this sighting be related to the astronomical event in Russia? Jerry Oltion with the Eugene Astronomical Society says meteorites aren’t rare, but he says all this activity happening around the same time … Continue reading »