Embezzlement Investigation Continues

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — Forensic auditors have completed their reports of the alleged embezzlement case in Cottage Grove. According to the city, attorneys and police are looking over the audit. Officers have prepared a list of witnesses to interview. A former city worker’s accused of manipulating computer software to embezzle money. Investigators will meet with … Continue reading »

Secretary Audits University System

EUGENE, Ore. — An audit of the Oregon University System has the secretary of state calling for change. Secretary Kate Brown wants to see more affordable options in the state’s public universities and debt reduction for college students in Oregon. Students KEZI 9 News spoke with say the cost of going after a degree these … Continue reading »

EPD Releases Audit Findings

EUGENE, Ore. –¬†The Eugene Police Department released the results of an audit on its Property Control Unit. The nearly 450 pages of results show that more than a thousand pieces of evidence went missing or are unaccounted for in EPD’s Property Control¬†Unit. EPD has restaffed the PCU as it looks to find everything that went … Continue reading »