Baby Harlow Has Normal Immune System

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene family has good news about their baby who’s been suffering from a rare disorder. KEZI 9 News has been following Baby Harlow’s progress for more than a year. And now, her mom says Harlow officially has a normal immune system. In Dec. 2013, we first brought you the story of … Continue reading »

Baby Harlow Comes Home

EUGENE, Ore. — Harlow Grace, a baby from Eugene who recently received a bone marrow transplant, has returned home. We first met Harlow months ago. She suffers from a rare immunodeficiency disorder, and a bone marrow transplant was her only hope. After first hearing about her need for a transplant, the community heeded the call … Continue reading »

Baby Harlow Leaves Hospital

PORTLAND, Ore. — A big milestone for a baby from Eugene who’s been battling a rare immunodeficiency syndrome known as “Bubble Boy Disease” happened Tuesday. Baby Harlow underwent a bone marrow transplant in January and after months between hospitals Baby Harlow and her family finally left that evening. KEZI has been following Harlow’s journey since … Continue reading »

Baby Harlow Undergoes Transplant

EUGENE, Ore. — Despite low odds, a Eugene family found a bone marrow match for their baby, and now Baby Harlow begins the difficult road to recovery. Harlow Grace Powers suffers from a rare immunodeficiency syndrome also known as the “Bubble Boy” disease. Even though most of Harlow’s time right now is spent in a … Continue reading »

1 in 540 Could Be a Bone Marrow Match

EUGENE, Ore. — A second round of bone marrow drives are taking place Monday to help find a match for baby Harlow. Harlow is suffering from a rare disease that can only be treated through a bone marrow transplant. 200 people showed up to the last drive in Eugene on Tuesday, hoping to help not … Continue reading »

More Bone Marrow Drives Planned

EUGENE, Ore. — There’s been an overwhelming response to help a 5-month-old baby in Eugene who needs a life-saving surgery, and more bone marrow drives have been scheduled to try to find a bone marrow match. Baby Harlow is battling a rare life threatening disease that’s only cure is a bone marrow transplant. Wednesday night, … Continue reading »

Overwhelming Support for Baby in Need

EUGENE, Ore. — We put out the call and you responded in an overwhelming way. More than two hundred people came out to the Umpqua Bank in the Oakway Center Wednesday evening for a special bone marrow drive. The drive was organized to help Eugene baby Harlow Powers. Folks filled the lobby and the bank … Continue reading »

Family Seeking Bone Marrow Donor

EUGENE, Ore. —  A Eugene family is hoping there’s someone in our area who’s a match to help save their daughter’s life. The family’s five-and-a-half month old daughter needs a bone marrow transplant. Harlow Grace Powers suffers from a rare immunodeficiency syndrome also known as the Bubble Boy Disease. Her family only found out about the … Continue reading »