Healthy Bees Create Healthy Gardens

EUGENE, Ore. — Along with warmer weather and spring flowers come the honey bees. An effort is under way in Eugene to provide them with a healthy environment. The honey bees are buzzing, and in one Eugene neighborhood they’re thriving, thanks to the neighbors like Beth Little. There’s a bee hive is in her yard. … Continue reading »

Bees Create Liquid Gold

EUGENE, Ore. — Backyard beekeepers are seeing gold–honey gold. This is the time of year to extract it. Bees have been busy this summer collecting pollen. Outside the Hornadays’ home in Eugene, they don’t need to travel far. There are plenty of flowers, fruit trees and hives, including a natural hive nestled in a fig … Continue reading »

The Buzz on Backyard Beekeeping

EUGENE, Ore. — There’s a buzz in Lane County, and it’s all about the bees. More people are showing an interest in backyard beekeeping, like Dave Weber. Despite being retired, he’s busier than ever. It all started four years ago. He planted about 140 vines for making wine. He also invested in chickens. “We get … Continue reading »

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