Ben Bond Trial Exposes Case Details

March 19, 2010 By Jeff Skrzypek EUGENE, Ore. — A judge has acquitted Ben Bond in a trial that accused him of intimidating and obstructing the work of a parking enforcer. Just a little more than two months ago, Ben Bond was arrested for aggressively plugging parking meters. And though his trial is over, the … Continue reading »

Ben Bond Acquitted on Obstruction Charge

March 18, 2010 By Dan Corcoran EUGENE, Ore. — Ben Bond, 30, has been acquitted by a Eugene Municipal Court judge.   Bond had been charged with Obstruction of a Governmental or Judicial Function. A motion by the defense was granted by the judge paving the way for Bond’s acquittal.  The motion was based on an … Continue reading »

City Drops Harassment Charge in Eugene Parking Meter Case

January 27, 2010 By Heather Hintze EUGENE, Ore. — The attorney for Ben Bond says the City of Eugene has dropped harassment charges stemming from a confrontation with a meter maid. Bond was set to appear in court Thursday to face a harassment charge and an obstruction of justice charge stemming from his arrest on … Continue reading »

Parking Meter Controversy Continues

January 14, 2010 EUGENE, Ore. —  We’re learning more about a Eugene man, Ben Bond, who was fined $810 after a confrontation with a meter maid.  The trouble started Wednesday when Bond tried paying the expired parking meters of strangers. Outside the Fifth Street Market is where Ben Bond was arrested.  He admits he fed … Continue reading »

Parking Meter Controversy

January 13, 2010 By Sean Schoppe EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene man says he could be $800 in the hole when he was just trying to be a Good Samaritan. “I was getting ready to go into the Post Office and I paid my meter,” Ben Bond tells KEZI 9 News. But as he was … Continue reading »