Two Arrested in Best Buy Robbery

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Police arrested two people after an alleged robbery at the Best Buy store on Gateway Street near the Randy Pape Beltline. It happened Sunday around 7:30 pm, while the store was still open. Police said Steven Wheeler tried leaving the store with a laptop and when employees confronted him, he threatened them … Continue reading »

Man Tries to Steal Laptop

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield police say a man tried to walk out of Best Buy with a laptop he didn’t pay for and told employees he had a gun when they tried to stop him. An officer saw the man and a woman near the store a few minutes later. He arrested the woman, but … Continue reading »

Trash Compactor Fire Prompts Evacuation

MEDFORD, Ore. — A smoldering fire in a trash compactor caused employees and customers to evacuate Best Buy. Fire crews on scene said the fire was small and contained by the compactor. They arrived at the electronics store three minutes after employees made the initial call. All of the employees and customers immediately evacuated. “I … Continue reading »