Eugene Named “Most Bee Friendly City”

EUGENE, Ore. — Washington Park in Eugene played host to a buzzworthy celebration Saturday afternoon. “We’re here to celebrate the fact that Eugene has been voted ‘America’s Most Bee Friendly City,’” said Lisa Arkin. Arkin is the director of Beyond Toxics, a local non-profit that teaches about the dangers of toxics in the environment. She … Continue reading »

Interview: Beyond Toxics Bee-Fest

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene was recently ranked the bee-friendliest city in the U.S. for its efforts to prevent bee deaths. An action-packed event called Bee-Fest takes place Saturday to celebrate. It’s all put on by Beyond Toxics. Christine Cameron joined us live in the studio for KEZI 9 News This Morning to tell us more. … Continue reading »

Pesticides Killing Bee Population

EUGENE, Ore. — They help Oregon bring in about $600 million worth of agricultural profit every year but their population has been dying off rapidly. We’re talking about bees and on Saturday, people gathered at a Eugene grocery store to celebrate National Honey Bee Day and spread awareness about a pesticide they say has been … Continue reading »

Kids in West Eugene Most Prone to Asthma

EUGENE, Ore. — A new study shows kids in West Eugene are breathing in toxins that are causing their lungs to not develop correctly, leading to asthma. For nine year old Stefani Medsker asthma has almost always been something she has to deal with. “It makes me feel sick, like my stomach starts hurting and … Continue reading »