Men Plead Guilty to Brutal Assault

EUGENE, Ore. — Two men pleaded guilty to the brutal assault of a Eugene man just as they were set to go to trial. Nearly a year and a half ago, Bill McNamara was badly beaten in the lobby of his apartment complex. Charges weren’t filed until a couple of months ago, and the trial … Continue reading »

Victim Reacts to Delayed Assault Arrests

EUGENE, Ore. — A grand jury indicted two men for the assault of a Eugene man, 18 months after the crime. Bill McNamara and his fiancée Dawn LeCompte are still haunted by McNamara’s attack at their apartment complex. “I believe they left me for dead,” said McNamara. “I thought he was dead,” said LeCompte. “I thought … Continue reading »

Beating Victim Out of the Hospital

EUGENE, Ore. — A man who was beaten at his apartment complex is now out of the hospital. Bill McNamara was badly beaten up a couple of weeks ago. He is now going through rehab. EPD is investigating the brutal beating, but as of yet no arrests have been made.

Eugene Man Brutally Beaten

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene man is in the hospital with head trauma after being brutally attacked at his apartment complex. EPD launched a criminal investigation into the beating. The 29-year-old man was kicked multiple times in the head. This injury is even more devastating because it isn’t the first time he was almost beat … Continue reading »