Govt. Shutdown Impacts Oregon

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Wednesday was the second day of the government shutdown and it’s impacting quite a few people in our area. The Bureau of Land Management and Oregon Department of Agriculture offices were closed Wednesday; but, it’s not just people who work directly for the federal government who are impacted by the government shutdown. “I … Continue reading »

Deputies Work to Remove Motor Home

ROSEBURG, Ore. – The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office attempted to rescue a California couple after their motor home got stuck on a Bureau of Land Management road. Deputies say around 8:30 p.m. Saturday they received a call from Charles Garton, 73, of Ridgecrest, Cali., saying he and his wife were stuck on a logging road … Continue reading »

Volunteers Clean Up Wetlands

EUGENE, Ore. — Volunteers spent the day Saturday spreading woodchips on a newly created path near Stewart Pond. “So you can look, there used to be a pond here, but since it’s summer it was drying up and so we’re just making it look a little more walkable and to look I guess a little … Continue reading »

Volunteers Needed for River Clean Up

BANDON, Ore. – The Bureau of Land Management is looking for volunteers interested in helping clean up the New River Area of Critical Environmental Concern. Volunteers will help remove noxious weeds, stack wood and plant dune grass seeds. Those who have canoes or kayaks can bring them to the event to help clean trash from … Continue reading »

Wetland Restoration Taking Longer

EUGENE, Ore. — Not far away from the controlled burn in West Eugene, another restoration process was underway Tuesday. Crews were still out in the West Eugene wetlands, cleaning and restoring the area after the Bureau of Land Management cleared illegal campers out of the area. That was weeks ago. Crews have been cleaning up … Continue reading »

Controlled Burn Planned for This Week

EUGENE, Ore. — Fire crews will be setting fire to the west Eugene wetlands this week for a controlled ecological burn. However, they need to wait for a day when weather conditions are just right so that nearby homes won’t be endangered. The Bureau of Land Management says burns like this one improve the habitat … Continue reading »

BLM Closes Local Wetlands

EUGENE, Ore. — The clock is ticking for homeless people illegally camping in the west Eugene wetlands. The Bureau of Land Management will start evicting campers this week. People who frequent the area say while they’re disappointed by the closure, they’re looking forward to the upcoming changes. “I put in a proposal three years ago, … Continue reading »

BLM Plans to Clear Wetlands

EUGENE, Ore. – Some local homeless campers will soon have to find a new place to live as the Bureau of Land Management has begun the process of clearing out some local wetlands. The city has been doing a lot of work with the homeless community, but recent news about the BLM’s plan to clear … Continue reading »