OSU Studies Ways to Prepare Frozen Blood

CORVALLIS, Ore. — A new way to prepare frozen blood could put Oregon State University on the map. Research at the university could change the way the world’s blood supply is managed. Scientists say frozen blood is good for about 10 years compared to refrigerated blood, which only lasts about six weeks. However, to stabilize … Continue reading »

Lane Blood Center Experiencing Shortage

The Lane County Blood Center is experiencing a supply shortage due to the recent severe weather. Several blood drives have already been cancelled and now the center is seeing a significant drop in blood supply. The center says all blood types are needed. The Lane Blood Center is located at 2211 Willamette Street. It’s asking … Continue reading »

Gay Men Hold Mock Blood Drive

EUGENE, Ore. — Gay men are holding a mock blood drive throughout the nation Friday to raise awareness that they are not allowed to donate blood. The Lane Blood Center says it’s interested in more people donating blood, but has to follow federal laws that say any man who’s had sexual contact with another man … Continue reading »

Donate Blood, Get a Pass to the Fair

EUGENE, Ore. — If you plan to attend the Lane County Fair, there’s a way to get in for free. All you have to do is donate blood. Lane Blood Center is offering a one-day pass to the fair to anyone who donates a pint of blood at its donor center on Willamette Street. The … Continue reading »

Local Blood Supply Surges

EUGENE, Ore. — Even though the tragedies in Massachusetts and Texas are thousands of miles away, they’re prompting people in Lane County to give back. Lane Blood Center managers say even if the blood that donors give here isn’t directly going to those locations, people still feel compelled to come in and give what they … Continue reading »

O+ Blood Supply Up After Dangerously Low

EUGENE, Ore. — The Lane County BloodCenter’s supply of O+ is back up after reaching a dangerous low last week. Lane County’s O+ blood supply reached dangerously low levels Thursday, 99 units below the needed amount. After hearing this news, 246 people came in to the center and donated blood. Lane BloodCenter reported they had … Continue reading »