Group Cleans Up Race Ducks

EUGENE, Ore. — Out of the more than 68,000 ducks racing downstream, only a handful of them make it to the finish line. ┬áThe rest get caught along the shoreline of the Willamette River. About 20 minutes after the ducks began their journey down the Willamette River, another group took off downstream. “We put about … Continue reading »

Low Water Levels Hurt Boating Industry

VENETA, Ore. — With the warmer temperatures you might expect everyone to be out on the lake. But with 14 and a half inches below average rainfall, boaters are nowhere in sight. While Oregonians have enjoyed the warm dry spring that’s not the case at Fern Ridge Reservoir. It’s where a dry spring means a … Continue reading »

Hot Weather Brings Families Out

COTTAGE GROVE LAKE, Ore. — With temperatures in the mid-80s Sunday, people were out and about at Cottage Grove Lake for some fun in the sun. The lake was filled with boaters, kayakers and swimmers. There were plenty of people tanning on the dock as well. “I like innertubing and hanging out with my family … Continue reading »