Complaints over Capstone Housing Project

EUGENE, Ore. — Neighbors expressed their concerns over a massive student housing project in downtown Eugene Tuesday night. A group called Jefferson Westside Neighbors called the meeting. That’s where they highlighted some of their complaints over the Capstone project, which is on Willamette Street. It can house up to 1,300 students. Some of the criticism … Continue reading »

Capstone Subcontractor Investigated

EUGENE, Ore. — Capstone’s 13th and Olive student housing project is being investigated by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries. Representatives from the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters say they got several complaints from workers about some of the site’s poor working conditions. As a result, they reached out to the bureau, which … Continue reading »

Capstone Confusion

EUGENE, Ore. — One of the biggest projects in downtown Eugene created a bit of confusion Tuesday. A sign in at the new Capstone Housing Project reads 13th and Olive. The problem is, the cross streets on the side of the building are from 11th Avenue and Willamette Street to 13th Avenue and Willamette Street. … Continue reading »