St. Vincent de Paul Car Donations

EUGENE, Ore.– If you’re in the giving spirit and have a car to get rid of, you might consider donating it to St. Vincent de Paul. The nonprofit fixes any broken parts and resells them. Some vehicles they’ve received include a dump truck and a snow mobile. 100 percent of the proceeds from car sales … Continue reading »

Junction City DMV to Close for Repairs

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. – The Junction City DMV field office will be closed October 13-17 for repairs and improvements. The office will be repainted and the flooring will be replaces. The office will also get new system furniture and an additional counter workstation. The office, located at 235 W Fourth Ave., is scheduled to reopen … Continue reading »

Springfield Car Vandal Caught

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A teenager is in Serbu Youth Center Wednesday after Springfield Police detained him for vandalizing cars. Investigators say they received calls around 1 a.m. Tuesday about someone keying and spray painting cars on the 500-700 hundred blocks of Oakdale Street. Police arrested the 15-year-old suspect a block away, after he tagged almost … Continue reading »

Kiefer Mazda Gives Away Car

EUGENE, Ore. — Kiefer Mazda got in the holiday spirit this year and donated two cars to those who may need a set of wheels. In November, Kiefer announced its Cars for Christmas charity event. In 250 words or less, the community was invited to write letters recommending a friend or family member who may need … Continue reading »

Driver Spits Out Window, Causes Crash

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Corvallis Police say a three-car collision on Highway 99 was caused after a woman spat out her window. Captain Dave Henslee with Corvallis Police says Amber Tela of Albany was driving northbound on Highway 99 Thursday evening when she spat out her window. Henslee says the saliva struck her in the face, … Continue reading »

Possible Car Ban on OSU Campus

CORVALLIS, Ore. – As Oregon State University’s enrollment numbers are increasing, community members are expressing concern about the population growth in Corvallis and the increase in traffic. So what about a car ban? Oregon State University says within the next ten years, it expects last year’s approximate 23,000 student population to increase to 28,000. The … Continue reading »

Police Remind to Not Leave Pets in Cars

EUGENE, Ore. — As temperatures soar this summer, it’s important to keep pets safe from heat exposure. Animal welfare officers say they have been responding to numerous calls regarding dogs left in hot cars. Eugene Police say one of the most dangerous places to be in the heat, is a car. On a day like … Continue reading »

Mercedes Barcodes to Help in Emergencies

(CNN) — Mercedes-Benz is taking steps to help emergency responders rescue accident victims. The luxury car maker is putting high tech barcodes in its vehicles. Paramedics and firefighters will be able to use their smart phones to read the codes and find the best way to rescue injured people from damaged cars. The codes will … Continue reading »

Senate Passes Temp Licenses Bill

EUGENE, Ore. — Illegal immigrants may soon be able to get short term driver’s licenses in Oregon. The state Senate passed the controversial bill in a 20 to 7 vote. The bill would allow immigrants who have lived in Oregon for at least a year and meet other requirements to apply for driver’s licenses without … Continue reading »

Car Drives Into Porch

EUGENE, Ore. — A driver hit a car and then ran into a porch about about 9:00 p.m. Thursday Eugene Police say the truck hit the front porch of a house near 4th and Monroe. Witnesses reported the driver getting out of the car. Police tell KEZI  no one was injured. Police are still investigating … Continue reading »