EPD Cracks Down on Violators

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Police Department is cracking down on road violations. On Wednesday, officers shifted their focus around Valley River Center.¬†An undercover officer was stationed at the corner of Valley River Drive and Valley River Way looking for violators. Police say the most common violations they saw are drivers on cell phones, not … Continue reading »

New Driving Laws for 2014

EUGENE, Ore. — Once the new year rings in, there will be some new driving laws Oregonians will have to follow. Starting Jan. 1, to encourage Oregonians to keep both hands on the wheel, the fine for driving while using a cell phone will increase from $250 to a maximum of $500. And for the … Continue reading »

Nokia-Microsoft Mobile Phone Deal Final

ESPOO, Finland (CNN) — Microsoft is hoping to flex its mobile muscle with a deal to buy up Nokia’s mobile phone business. The software developer will pay $7.2 billion for control over the second largest phone maker in the world. It’s a major step toward achieving Microsoft’s goal of challenging Apple and Samsung for dominance … Continue reading »

Study: Dangers of Texting and Walking

(CNN) — Texting and walking. A lot of us do both, but what happens when we do them together? A new nationwide study out of the Ohio State University estimates more than 1,500 pedestrians were estimated to be treated in emergency rooms in 2010 for injuries related to using a cell phone while walking. Professor … Continue reading »

Report: Apple to Unveil New iPhone

(CNN) — Apple could be unveiling its latest iPhone as early as next month. Technology blog “All Things D” reports sources say the tech giant plans to debut its next iPhone at a special event on Sept. 10. The Wall Street Journal-affiliated blog has a solid track record for reporting inside Apple information. There’s been … Continue reading »

Study: Hands-Free Texting Not Safe

EUGENE, Ore. — A new study from AAA suggests hand-free texting is even more dangerous than simply talking on a cell phone. Researchers found that using speech-to-text is actually most distracting of all. They say it actually uses more brain concentration rather than talking on the phone or listening to a book on tape or … Continue reading »

95% of Malware Targeting Android Phones

(CNN) — Security threats from mobile malware are on the rise, and nearly 95 percent of targets operate on the Android operating system, according to a new report from mobile security firm NQ Mobile. It estimates that nearly 33 million Android devices were targeted by malware in 2012–a jump of more than 200 percent from … Continue reading »

Bill Allows Cell Phones for Cab Drivers

EUGENE, Ore. –You might say cab drivers already have their hands full, both literally and figuratively. And now Oregon Bill 294, passed by the state Senate on Monday, could make cabbies even busier. This bill is creating quite a stir on social media. Oregon Bill 294 would allow taxi cab drivers the ability to use … Continue reading »

Program Provides Free Cell Phone Service to Low-Income Americans

EUGENE, Ore. — Sprint is helping low-income Oregonians stay connected with free cell phone service. Assurance Wireless is a federally-funded program that offers cell phones and wireless plans to low-income Americans. Adding Oregon to the list means the program now assists residents in 34 different states. To be eligible, residents must already participate in government … Continue reading »