UO Students Rescued Near Mount Jefferson

MOUNT JEFFERSON — Two University of Oregon students are safe after being rescued near Mt. Jefferson early Monday morning. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office says the two got lost hiking on a trail near Detroit. It started out as an adventurous trip to take photographs of the pristine wilderness. But it quickly became a quest … Continue reading »

Central Oregon Fire Season Starts Friday

Fire season for the Central Oregon District will start on Friday, June 14, nearly two weeks earlier than last year. The Oregon Department of Forestry made the decision after an increase in small fires in the region. District Forester George Ponte said in a press release that the area had seen lower precipitation than average … Continue reading »

Crews Work to Contain Geneva 12 Fire

NEAR SISTERS, Ore. — Crews are getting a handle on the Geneva 12 wildfire that’s threatening a central Oregon subdivision.The fire is 30 percent contained tonight. It started Sunday and burned about 1,300 so far. Crews say the fire is mostly just smoldering and isn’t spreading to the nearby Three Rivers subdivision. Yet even as … Continue reading »