Friends of Civic Stadium Fundraising

EUGENE, Ore. — More than two dozen people turned out Wednesday night to show their support and open their wallets to save Civic Stadium. Friends of Civic Stadium opened an escrow account with Evergreen Land Title to raise funds. The group kicked off the fundraising at Tsunami Books in Eugene. It wants to show the … Continue reading »

City Council Split on Civic Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s still unclear if the City of Eugene will be putting its name in the hat to be the new caretakers of Civic Stadium. City councilors went back and forth for nearly an hour during Wednesday’s city council work session debating if they could plausibly pursue saving the shuttered ballpark. In the … Continue reading »

Estimating Price of Civic Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. — A recent appraisal of the historic Civic Stadium reveals it may be worth at least $5.5 million. The 4J School District had the grounds appraised as it evaluates proposals for the purchase, trade or long-term lease of Civic. The $5.5 million proposal is for the property zoned as a medium density area, but … Continue reading »

4J Accepts Proposals for Civic Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School District is officially accepting proposals for historic Civic Stadium. In a unanimous vote, the school board opened the request for proposal process on Wednesday. At least three groups have already expressed interest, including the YMCA and the City of Eugene, and board members stressed that this isn’t just about … Continue reading »

City Council Moves on Civic Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. — A new round of talks happened Wednesday at the Eugene City Council meeting, surrounding the push to acquire historic Civic Stadium. About a week ago council motioned to look further into leasing or buying Civic Stadium from the 4J School District. Now, they’re asking the city manager to prepare ideas to acquire … Continue reading »

School Board Discusses Civic Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. —  The 4J Board of Education on Wednesday addressed the city’s interest in potentially buying or leasing Civic Stadium. “We have to seriously consider a proposal that would come from the city,” said Jennifer Gellar, a school board member. “I don’t think the RFP process would necessarily be the appropriate way to deal with an offer from the … Continue reading »

Eugene Discusses Owning Civic Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene’s Civic Stadium may soon have a new owner or operator, the city. At Monday night’s meeting, city councilors approved a plan to give the city manager the opportunity to explore how the city could lease or buy Civic Stadium. In a 5-to-2 vote, city councilors approved a motion to look further … Continue reading »

City Explores Purchase Of Civic Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. — Some Eugene city leaders stated their intent Monday night to save Civic Stadium. Councilors directed the Eugene City Manager to explore the options to buy or lease the historic piece of property from the 4J School District. The district recently requested bids to buy the land. Councilors say money for this acquisition … Continue reading »

4J Takes Public Input on Civic Stadium

EUGENE- Ore. — The 4J School Board met Wednesday to begin talking about the proposal process for the historic Civic Stadium. The public was also asked for its comments. 4J School Board Members met for a work session to discuss the proposal process. The proposal process should be completed by October. So far we know … Continue reading »

4J Meeting Discusses Civic Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. — The future of Eugene’s historic Civic Stadium was back on the for the 4J School District, Wednesday. While volunteers come through pretty regularly to maintain the stadium, the area is normally closed off to the public and generally looks like empty. Both 4J representatives and the stadium’s neighbors hope that will all … Continue reading »

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