Springfield Cemetery Clean Up

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Members of the Springfield Rotary Club, Peter Webster and Bill Vanvactor, as well as Ron Rodgers with the Laurel Grove Pioneer Cemetery, meet to weed whack and uncover lost graves. For more information, click here.

Group Cleans Up Race Ducks

EUGENE, Ore. — Out of the more than 68,000 ducks racing downstream, only a handful of them make it to the finish line. ┬áThe rest get caught along the shoreline of the Willamette River. About 20 minutes after the ducks began their journey down the Willamette River, another group took off downstream. “We put about … Continue reading »

Volunteers Clean the Willamette River

EUGENE, Ore. — More than 150 volunteers came out to help clean the Willamette River Saturday. This was the 5th annual Great Willamette clean-up, a project that stretches all the way to Portland. Organizers say there were four ground sites and two water-based sites this year. Among the garbage picked up, organizers say hypodermic needles … Continue reading »

Volunteers Clean Up Wetlands

EUGENE, Ore. — Volunteers spent the day Saturday spreading woodchips on a newly created path near Stewart Pond. “So you can look, there used to be a pond here, but since it’s summer it was drying up and so we’re just making it look a little more walkable and to look I guess a little … Continue reading »