Coburg Fire District Burn to Learn

COBURG, Ore. — There was a lot of smoke in the air in Coburg Saturday but there’s no need to be alarmed. It’s part of a learning experience for some new firefighters. The community came out to watch as the newer recruits at the Coburg Fire District set fire to an old house to do … Continue reading »

Coburg Residents React to Recall Results

COBURG, Ore. — Residents hope things will settle down in Coburg after a recall effort to oust the mayor and two councilors failed. At least 65 percent of votes in all three races were in favor of keeping the leaders in office. A Coburg resident started the recall campaign, accusing two city council members of … Continue reading »

Applesauce Maker Decides Against Coburg

COBURG, Ore. — An international food processing company that was considering putting roots down in Coburg has decided to go another direction. After months of talks with Materne North America, a European company that produces the squeezeable applesauce brand GoGo Squeez, Coburg city leaders announced Wednesday that the company decided to go elsewhere. The news … Continue reading »

Coburg 2013 Antique Fair

COBURG, Ore. — Lovers of antiques and vintage treasures headed to Coburg Sunday to the 26th annual one-day antique fair. Organizers say this event has become a hot destination for antique collectors all over the west coast. “People tell me this show is the mecca of all outdoor one day shows and they just really … Continue reading »

Residents React to Possible Factory

COBURG, Ore. — An international food processing company could be calling the City of Coburg its new home in just a year’s time. While many of the residents we spoke to were excited about what a production company like this could do for the small town, there were some concerns about whether or not the … Continue reading »

Food Company Planning Move To Coburg

COBURG, Ore. — The Coburg City Council approved a tax exemption program for an applesauce production company that’s looking to move into the city’s industrial park. The company, Materne North America, gave its first public pitch Tuesday night at a joint meeting between the Coburg City Council and Lane County Commission. The plans call for … Continue reading »

Neighbors React to Coburg Construction

EUGENE, Ore. — If your route involved driving on Coburg near Costco in Eugene, you’ve probably had to take a detour this weekend. Residents in the neighborhood said their normal routes have been altered but if it means improving the road conditions they don’t mind the detour. Zack Rodgers, who travels on Coburg regularly to … Continue reading »

Fire Chief Asks for Clarity from Coburg

COBURG, Ore. –┬áThe Coburg Fire Chief is calling for clarity from the city as he questions a $700,000 loan. The confusion surrounds a special district inside Coburg. The Coburg Fire District Chief presented a letter to councilors Tuesday night, laying out his concerns. He claims the special district, the Coburg Urban Renewal Agency, raises money … Continue reading »

City Road Projects Begin

EUGENE, Ore. — Drier weather means getting more work done, which is why the city started tackling its summer to-do list Monday. Contractors began work on the first phase of Coburg Road, the first project on a long list of warm-weather work the city hopes to get done before the end of summer. It’s not … Continue reading »

The Sustainable Table: Local Egg Farms

  COBURG, Ore. — It’s feeding time at Brigg’s Egg Farm in Coburg. The farm has been in co-owner Elizabeth Lehman’s family for generations. “They did all this when my mom was a little girl,” Elizabeth said. A slowdown in business led her grandparents to convert the chicken coop into a cattle shed. “That’s what … Continue reading »