Cold Weather Boosts Business

EUGENE, Ore. — This week’s cold snap is delivering a boost in business to local mechanics. Downtown Automotive in Eugene says it’s working on a lot of cars that won’t start. The problems they’re working to fix range anywhere from batteries malfunctioning in the cold to frozen engines and radiators. Even when the weather warms … Continue reading »

Water Mains Burst Due to Cold

EUGENE, Ore. — Residents living near 4th and Polk woke up to an interesting sight in their front yard after a water main burst early Sunday morning. “Just came out to a big old river of water on the street,” said Eugene resident Jacob Hansen. EWEB said it had a number of water mains around … Continue reading »

Many Not Enjoying Cold Temperatures

EUGENE, Ore. — There weren’t many cars out on the roads Saturday morning. Even the downtown bus stop that’s usually bustling with foot traffic looked more like a ghost town. For a small group waiting to catch a bus, everyone layered up to prepare for the cold. “I have two pairs of socks, good boots, … Continue reading »

Busy Season Begins for Heating Companies

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — It’s that time of year again when people are turning on the furnace for the first time only to find out it’s not actually working. Janice Herbert turned on her furnace this week, just like she does every year when the the weather starts to cool down. But this time around, her … Continue reading »

Warming Centers Open Fifth Day in a Row

EUGENE, Ore. — The recent surge of cold weather is keeping volunteers busy at the Egan Warming Centers, and they may not get a break for a couple more nights. The warming centers are set to open again Monday night. It’s the fifth day in a row the centers have been open, marking the longest … Continue reading »

Egan Warming Center Makes Changes

EUGENE, Ore. — It will be another cold night Friday and volunteers at the Egan Warming Centers are working to make sure the homeless population won’t be left out on the streets. The group missed out on a below-freezing night last week. Egan Warming Center coordinators and volunteers say they feel horrible about missing out … Continue reading »

Warming Centers Closed Despite Cold Temp

EUGENE, Ore. — Controversy is heating up over Egan Warming Centers. KEZI 9 News viewers called us asking how it could be that the centers remained closed Wednesday night despite temperatures being well below their stipulation of 30 degrees. The temperature dropped as low as 20 degrees–that’s the coldest it’s been in about a year. … Continue reading »

Eugene Residents Brave Chilly Temps

EUGENE, Ore. — Even though the weather has been frosty all day, it didn’t stop some people from getting a little bit of fresh air. A father-daughter duo took advantage of a burst of sunlight Thursday afternoon at Skinner Butte Park, despite the wet and cold park toys. Another person said it was important to … Continue reading »

Warming Centers Closed Wednesday

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s going to be a pretty chilly outside Wednesday night, and those without homes in town are having to deal with the dropping temperatures. First Christian Church downtown is one of the locations for the Egan Warming Centers. Normally, folks would be heading through the front doors to warm shelter, but that … Continue reading »