Saving Money for College

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s never too early to start planning for a higher education, but how do you know how much to set aside? This month, the Oregon College Savings Plan is hosting free college funding seminars. You can learn all about the tax advantages of the Oregon 529 plan, which offers 15 different investment … Continue reading »

Paying for College: Parents vs. Students

(CNN) — The Wall Street Journal reports that students are taking on more debt than ever to pay for college. In 2012, students themselves borrowed 18 percent the cost of their college education. Here’s how families are paying for college, according to the Wall Street Journal: 30 percent are coming from grants and scholarships 27 … Continue reading »

Free Scholarship Workshop

EUGENE, Ore. — Prospective and current college students can learn how to pay for college without student loans this Saturday. Whether you have questions about federal student aid, or how to apply for scholarships, Lane Community College is putting on a free seminar Saturday morning at 8:30. Students who have been in the past say … Continue reading »

Tuition Decrease Coming in January

EUGENE, Ore. — College students in Oregon are getting a break on tuition starting in January. The State Board of Higher Education voted to reduce costs of tuition. It had approved a nearly five percent increase back in June. But now it will only be 2.5 percent for Oregon residents. Students at the University of … Continue reading »

UO Students React to Interest Rate Hike

EUGENE, Ore. — The interest rates on some student loans will double next month unless Congress takes action to keep the current rate. Students at the University of Oregon say school is hard enough to pay for and many weren’t planning on having even higher interest rates on their student loans. Currently, the interest rate … Continue reading »

Oregon Holds Tuition Increase Hearing

EUGENE, Ore. — Students at the University of Oregon are speaking out about the proposed Oregon University System tuition increases. Ten students testified Friday morning at the Erb Memorial and their message was clear–a good education is getting way too expensive. UO students who testified say mounting college costs are making it nearly impossible for … Continue reading »

NCU Freezes Tuition Rates

EUGENE, Ore. — As public universities keep raising tuition rates, a local private university just froze them for the second time in three years. Northwest Christian University’s board of trustees wants to make education affordable for students and their families. The tuition freeze applies to undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as the professional studies … Continue reading »

Oregon House Passes Tuition Bill

SALEM, Ore. — A bill that would allow young illegal immigrants to pay in-state college tuition is moving to the Oregon Senate. The House already passed it 38-18 on Friday. The measure would allow students to qualify for in-state tuition at Oregon’s public universities if they went to an Oregon high school for at least … Continue reading »

Debt for College Grads Increases

EUGENE, Ore. — More than two-thirds of 2011 college seniors crossed the graduation stage in debt, averaging close to $27,000 each, according to a recent report. According to the report by the Institute of College Access and Success, that average debt is up about 5 percent from the previous class. Lane Community College administrators say … Continue reading »

UO Students Protest Tuition Increase

EUGENE, Ore. — Representative Peter DeFazio joined more than 100 students and faculty at the University of Oregon Wednesday afternoon as they rallied against increasing tuition costs. The League of Educators and Students Slashing Tuition, or LESST, led the protest outside the student union, they say, to simply raise awareness about the increasing rate of … Continue reading »

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