Third Rest Stop Opening Next Month

EUGENE, Ore. — Volunteers are helping Community Supported Shelters as they prepare to open a third rest stop for the homeless next month. Members of the First Congregational Church in Eugene partnered with CSS to help build 15 new platforms and covers for tents going up at the new camp. This new spot will be … Continue reading »

Volunteers Build Conestoga Huts

EUGENE, Ore. — While student volunteers were cleaning at Willamette High School, others broke out the hammers and nails. AmeriCorps partnered with Community Supported Shelters and Habitat for Humanity to build tent structures and a Conestoga hut at Eugene Safe Spot as part of a MLK service project. On Monday, the homeless rest stop added … Continue reading »

Eugene Signs Rest Stop Agreement

EUGENE, Ore. — The City of Eugene signed an agreement with Community Supported Shelters to supervise overnight camping at a site on Roosevelt and Garfield. Among other things, the organization will provide supervision, clean rest rooms and a roster of authorized visitors. Alcohol and illegal drugs will not be allowed on the site, nor will … Continue reading »

Homeless Rest Stop Details Emerge

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene’s first rest stop, the recently approved pilot program for homeless people, could be open by the end of the month. The Eugene City Council approved two sites with the second only opening if the first proves successful. One of those sites was at Northwest Expressway and River Road. The other is … Continue reading »

Cafe Hosts Conestoga Hut Fundraiser

EUGENE, Ore. — Community Supported Shelters is counting on people to stuff their faces Sunday night to raise money to build six more Conestoga Huts. Three have already been built and moved into in the last week. The Cornbread Cafe is donating all of its proceeds from 4:00 to 9 p.m. to construction efforts for … Continue reading »