Consumer Alert: Gas Credit Cards

(CNN) — Consumers may not fly every week, or shop at their favorite clothing store every week. But the odds are pretty good that drivers are filling their car’s tank every week. That may make the idea of a credit card with loyalty rewards from a major gasoline chain seem like a good idea, but … Continue reading »

Dairy Queen Data Breach

(CNN) — Dairy Queen says hackers got a hold of customer credit card information. The Wall Street Journal reports Dairy Queen says the “Back-off” malware affected 395 locations between August and October. Customer names, credit and debit card numbers and expiration dates were compromised. According to Bloomberg, Dairy Queen says fewer than 600,000 cards were … Continue reading »

Many Confused About Declined Credit

(CNN) — Despite laws to keep consumers informed about their credit score, many still don’t get it. That’s the results of a recent survey conducted by credit scoring company VantageScore Solutions. The 2011 Dodd-Frank Act requires lenders to inform consumers who are declined credit or given less favorable terms and explain the decision. Credit lenders … Continue reading »

Credit Card Numbers Stolen from Taphouse

EUGENE, Ore. — A brand new business in downtown Eugene is already dealing with a security breach by hackers. The First National Taphouse recently posted on its Facebook page about customer and employee credit cards being compromised. Managers say a virus got into their system and was able to pull the information. Even encrypted data … Continue reading »

ATMs to Get a Facelift

(CNN) — The nation’s biggest banks are rolling out the next generation of ATMs. The latest models include features like video chatting with a live teller, getting change or paying your credit card bill. Bank of America’s new teller assist machines, for example, allow a customer to swipe a debit or credit card, driver’s license … Continue reading »