Many Confused About Declined Credit

(CNN) — Despite laws to keep consumers informed about their credit score, many still don’t get it. That’s the results of a recent survey conducted by credit scoring company VantageScore Solutions. The 2011 Dodd-Frank Act requires lenders to inform consumers who are declined credit or given less favorable terms and explain the decision. Credit lenders … Continue reading »

Credit Card Numbers Stolen from Taphouse

EUGENE, Ore. — A brand new business in downtown Eugene is already dealing with a security breach by hackers. The First National Taphouse recently posted on its Facebook page about customer and employee credit cards being compromised. Managers say a virus got into their system and was able to pull the information. Even encrypted data … Continue reading »

ATMs to Get a Facelift

(CNN) — The nation’s biggest banks are rolling out the next generation of ATMs. The latest models include features like video chatting with a live teller, getting change or paying your credit card bill. Bank of America’s new teller assist machines, for example, allow a customer to swipe a debit or credit card, driver’s license … Continue reading »