Daisy Ducks Give Team Secret Ingredient

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon football team takes on the University of South Dakota Saturday. What many don’t realize is Oregon gets a little boost loaded with love. Come half-time, the team brings out its secret ingredient–Rice Krispies treats. Since 2009, the Oregon Daisy Ducks booster group has been making homemade treats for … Continue reading »

Daisy Ducks Serve Up Support for UO Athletes

EUGENE, Ore. — Monday morning, hours before game three in the Super Regional, Janet Essig is in her kitchen mixing up the American classic that’s got a lot of crunch: Rice Crispy Treats. She belongs to the Daisy Ducks–established in 1972. Boasting now 210 members who not only attend games, they offer a little touch … Continue reading »