Burst Pipes Cause Major Damage

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A local furniture store is still feeling the impact of the recent winter storm. A couple of pipes burst, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. The owner of M. Jacobs fine furniture on Gateway Loop says the first pipe burst last Tuesday because of the freezing temperatures. It was part … Continue reading »

Crews Clean Up Snowstorm Aftermath

EUGENE, Ore. — Western Oregon is starting to look like its old self again, but Public Works crews are still busy assessing the aftermath of this snowstorm. “This was a tough storm for us because of the cold weather not so much the volume of snow,” said Eric Johnson, Eugene Public Works. Luckily, the snow … Continue reading »

School Closed Due to Broken Pipes

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Kids were back in school in Corvallis Friday, except for those at the Muddy Creek Charter School. The executive director of the school says he knew it was going to get cold last weekend, so he kept the heat on and ran the water, but on Monday morning the water wasn’t working. … Continue reading »

Crews Work to Clear Packed Snow, Ice

EUGENE, Ore. — With the weather warming back up Wednesday, Public Works crews were able to clear a bit of that packed snow and ice out on the roadways. Throughout town, Eugene and Springfield Public Works crews say some roads are cleared, but others are still covered with packed snow and ice. That’s why the … Continue reading »

Eugene Air Pollution Worst in 4 Years

EUGENE, Ore. — Air pollution in Eugene is the worst it’s been in four years, but there are things residents can do to help. LRAPA says it expects air quality to deteriorate again Tuesday night, as people get home from work and burn wood in their fireplaces. LRAPA says this level of pollution is unhealthy … Continue reading »

Corvallis Trash Service Delayed

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Trash pickup services are calling for patience in Corvallis. Every week Republic Services picks up trash, recyclables and yard debris. But it’s been slow going this week with the snowy, frozen roads. So crews are asking customers to leave their bins out because they’re running on a delay. For those who live … Continue reading »

New Tech Used in Snowstorm Response

MEDFORD, Ore. – Representatives from nine different organizations are working together more closely than ever to keep people and infrastructure safe during the winter storm. It’s thanks to the department’s new information hub called the Tactical Operations Center. A few deputies manning the controls throughout the day were able to track law enforcement and fire … Continue reading »

The Dog Days of Winter

EUGENE, Ore. — Just because your dogs and cats have fur doesn’t mean it’s safe to leave them out in freezing weather. In fact, veterinarians say domestic animals aren’t much better at surviving these sort of temperatures than we are. Dr. Sean Barrett at Santa Clara Animal Hospital says dogs and cats shouldn’t be outdoors … Continue reading »

Corvallis Roads Still Icy

CORVALLIS, Ore. — The roads around Corvallis are just as icy as they’ve been all weekend. The Public Works Department says it’s been putting sand down on roads throughout town. The department says the snow fell at the worst possible time on Friday, right before the morning commute. Crews say the cars packed the snow … Continue reading »

Roads Still Slick For Monday Commute

EUGENE, Ore. — The ice and snow emergency still remains in effect for Eugene. Public Works said those driving to work Monday morning need to be ready for a slick commute. Plows and sand trucks have been working 24 hours a day throughout the city since the snow started falling Friday. But since the weather’s … Continue reading »

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