Crash Ends with Car Nearly in Delta Pond

EUGENE, Ore. — A crash ends with four people in the hospital and a car nearly into the Delta Ponds. The wreck was just off Delta Highway near Goodpasture Loop. Investigators aren’t sure exactly what happened but say two cars crashed. One ended up hitting the guard rail at the Goodpasture onramp and then flipped. … Continue reading »

Dog Walkers Take Advantage of Sunshine

EUGENE, Ore. — The sights and smells of spring are springing to life all over western Oregon, and more people are heading back outside to take advantage of the nicer weather. We saw many people Friday at Eugene’s Delta Pond Park exercising and walking their dogs. According to those dog walkers, the dogs are really … Continue reading »

DUII Suspected in Delta Ponds Crash

EUGENE, Ore. — A man is arrested for DUII after his car ends up in the Delta Ponds off the Goodpasture Island Road exit of Delta Highway. Eugene Police say before this crash, they were called to a hit and run on Beltline. Officers say the suspect rear-ended another vehicle then fled. The victim followed. … Continue reading »

Students Help Delta Pond Turtles

EUGENE, Ore. — Students at Marist High School are doing their part to help the local wildlife. Since September, this ecology class has been visiting the Delta Ponds every week, transplanting trees so the turtles that are native to the area have more room to lay their eggs. The teens we spoke with say it’s … Continue reading »

Assisted Living Facility Fight Continues

EUGENE, Ore. — A three-year battle to build an assisted living facility on Goodpasture Island Road has hit another bump in the road. As part of the permit to build the facility, the city says the developer would have to add on to the overpass over Delta Highway. The developer and its opposition debated the … Continue reading »