Dessert Cafe Serves Surprise Sweets

EUGENE, Ore. — There are continued signs of an improving economy. A new dessert cafe opened up shop in downtown Eugene. Meet Larry Oswald, as in Larry’s Cupcakes and Cafe on West Park Street in Eugene. His shop serves coffee and, like the name says, cupcakes. Right out of the oven you’ll notice they aren’t … Continue reading »

Divine Cupcake Closes Shop

EUGENE, Ore. — Three years to the day after it opened, The Divine Cupcake is closing the doors of its shop on West 11th Avenue. But just as it did on opening day and its anniversaries, the cupcakery handed out free goodies all day. Customers who poured through the door for their free cupcake say … Continue reading »

Divine Cupcake Closes Shop

EUGENE, Ore. — Divine Cupcake announced its closing the shop on West 11th. Bakery owners say this isn’t an end, just a transition. The specialty cupcake shop will continue to take orders for catering, festivals, and special occasions. On March 5, the shop will close its West 11th shop for now. Owners say there is … Continue reading »

Divine Cupcake Closing

EUGENE, Ore. — On the three-year anniversary of its opening, Divine Cupcake will shut down its location on West 11th Avenue. The owners say they knew they needed a spot with more foot traffic, but after two years of looking, they haven’t found one. Instead, they’ll focus on catering and special orders. Just like the … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Euphoria Chocolate

EUGENE, Ore. — On the day before Valentine’s Day, a lot of people are scrambling to get something for their special someone. Chocolate is always a popular choice, but how about some that’s local and handmade from the Euphoria Chocolate Company? “Valentine’s Day and the day before Valentine’s Day are our two busiest days of … Continue reading »

Noisette Pastry Kitchen Opens

EUGENE, Ore. — A new restaurant opened its doors in downtown Eugene Friday. Noisette Pastry Kitchen is moving into the former Broadway Market space at 200 West Broadway. Its owner was a pastry chef at King Estate and at Eugene’s Marche. Mayor Kitty Piercy was on hand today to welcome Noisette at its grand opening. … Continue reading »

Bakery’s Dragon Keeps Treats Coming

EUGENE, Ore. — A new bakery on River Road is having some fun with its “dragon” oven. Not Just Breads just celebrated its grand opening. They specialize in bread, and like the name, that’s not all. It’s also a cafe with espresso, a sweet treat bakery, and they offer a catering service. “Our top three … Continue reading »

Frozen Yogurt Shops Sees Sweet Success

EUGENE, Ore. — Frozen yogurt shop Vanilla Jill’s is finding some sweet success and is expanding. On a sunny day, there’s nothing better than a tasty treat to cool you down, but make that snack a healthy one, and it tastes even better. “We’re making it from kiefer so it’s full of probiotics,” said Megan … Continue reading »

Pastry Shop to Open in Downtown

EUGENE, Ore. — After working for others in the pastry industry for 20 years, a Eugene pastry chef is going into business for herself. Tobi Sovak’s opening her own pastry kitchen shop in downtown Eugene. It’s called Noisette, which is the French word for hazelnut. The new business is taking shape at the corner of … Continue reading »