Dexter Lake Sewage Spill Reported to DEQ

LOWELL, Ore. — The public works department in Lowell has turned in its report to the DEQ on this weekend’s raw sewage spill at Dexter Lake. Public Works says the groundwater from the snow and rain overwhelmed the pumps Saturday morning. A back-up pump came on Sunday morning. But somewhere between Saturday night and Sunday … Continue reading »

Algae Alert Affects Businesses

EUGENE, Ore. — The blue-green algae advisory signs are still hanging around Dexter Lake, and a local business owner says the algae is affecting his business. He says his shop has been struggling because people don’t come to town to enjoy the lake. Ralph Perkins, a fisher and boater, says the algae is a problem … Continue reading »

Blue-Green Algae Impacts Firework Show

DEXTER, Ore. — Every year blue-green algae is a problem at Dexter Lake. This year it posed problems for the fireworks show. The show coordinator says there was a low turnout and he thinks the blue-green algae could be to blame. But not all residents are afraid of swimming in the water. “We did a little … Continue reading »