Police Test New Dispatch System

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Police Department is giving its records and dispatch system a cutting-edge makeover. EPD is the first in the state to use the program, Sunguard,  and will start testing the system this week. The advanced update fully integrates every system in the department including dispatch, mobile and records. That allows the department to share with … Continue reading »

Copper Thieves to Blame for Phone Outage

DEXTER, Ore. — CenturyLink says copper thieves were to blame for an extensive phone outage in the Dexter area. Phone service has been out since Sunday morning and crews are still working to fix the problem and get service restored by midnight, Sunday. A CenturyLink spokesperson says 600 feet of cable was cut in a … Continue reading »

A Day in the Life of a 911 Dispatcher

EUGENE, Ore. — When 911 is called, it’s hard to think about anything other than the emergency. But what about who is on the other end of the line, providing help during stressful situations. Employees who work at the 911 Communications Center say it’s a job that isn’t for everyone. The demand requires the ability to make … Continue reading »