Flood Concerns in Burned Forests

MEDFORD, Ore. — Fire season is still several months away, but the land burned last summer still poses a threat. The Bureau of Land Management is keeping a close eye on areas in the Douglas Complex vulnerable to landslides when it rains. Officials say if a half inch or more of rain is expected in 48 … Continue reading »

Students Replant Trees in Glendale

GLENDALE, Ore. — Just six months ago, flames filled the forest and smoke filled the town of Glendale. Today, students did their part in an effort to replant the forest. Tiny tree seedlings now stand among the charred giants just outside of Glendale. A few dozen students from Glendale High School rolled up their sleeves … Continue reading »

Wildfires Remain a Concern

Firefighters are still focusing on a number of wildfires between Roseburg and Medford. The Douglas Complex, near Glendale, is the largest set of fires. It has burned nearly 46,000 acres in three weeks and is 55 percent contained. The Big Windy Complex has scorched 16,000 acres and is 15 percent contained; meanwhile, the Whiskey Complex … Continue reading »

Progress Made Against Oregon Wildfires

SOUTHERN OREGON — Several wildfires are still burning in southern Oregon, but fire crews have made progress in containing them. The top priority is still the Douglas Complex, which has burned more than 44,000 acres. Those fires are now 32 percent contained, and the Oregon Army National Guard has sent about 140 soldiers to Douglas … Continue reading »

State Examines Fire Funding Options

GLENDALE, Ore. — Governor John Kitzhaber says he’s already exploring the state’s options for what’s expected to be a massive fire bill. The state has a complex formula for how it pays for the costs to fight fires. An Oregon Department of Forestry spokesperson says the state and landowners split the first $20 million. An … Continue reading »

Oregon Wildfire Update

EUGENE, Ore. – Wildfires continue to burn in Oregon. 5,596 personnel continue to work to contain the fires. The Douglas Complex near Glendale has burned 35,633 acres and was 18 percent contained Monday. The complex of fires continues to threaten 470 homes. Access to homes on Poorman Creek Road, Lower Grave Creek, Grave Creek and … Continue reading »

Douglas Complex Expenses

GLENDALE, Ore. — Statistics show the Douglas Complex is costing more than $1.5 million a day, and already more than $12 million has been spent. On August 27, FEMA eligibility came through, which means FEMA will foot 75 percent of the bill. The other 25 percent will be paid for by the Douglas Forest Protection … Continue reading »

Firefighters Work to Protect Homes

WOLF CREEK, Ore. — Firefighters have made significant progress on the Douglas Complex fires Sunday. The complex of fires have burned more than 34,000 acres, threatening 470 homes. Structural protection firefighters specialize in keeping threatened homes safe from the blaze. Saturday the crews mopped up an area near homes in Wolf Creek. Firefighters are calling … Continue reading »

Lane County Firefighters Return Home

EUGENE, Ore. — Officials say the threat to homes has gone down and some crews who were responsible for protecting structures returned home. Right around noon on Sunday, six Lane County fire crews returned from southern Oregon. They left home last Saturday to help battle the Douglas Complex wildfires. After some debriefing at the Goshen Fire … Continue reading »

Governor Kitzhaber Tours Douglas Complex

GLENDALE, Ore. — Governor John Kitzhaber and other Oregon leaders toured the Douglas Complex instant command center Saturday to get a first hand look at the fire.  The governor went room to room checking in with crews as they met to discuss the nearly 33,000 acre wildfire. “We are fully deployed all the resources that … Continue reading »

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