Distracted Driving Deaths Underreported

EUGENE, Ore. — A study released by the National Safety Council suggests distracted driving deaths are being underreported. Police say the study makes sense because investigating the cause of a crash is a difficult process that sometimes leaves them without answers. You’re glued to it everyday. That little device that connects you to the world. … Continue reading »

Commute Challenge Holds Red Carpet Event

EUGENE, Ore. — The Business Commute Challenge officially starts this weekend. It’s a friendly community competition to reduce our carbon footprint. So to get in the spirit, organizers held their first ever red carpet event, which drew a steady crowd at the Campbell Center for a morning breakfast treat on Tuesday. Dozens of commuters walked … Continue reading »

Commute Challenge Signup Kicks Off

EUGENE, Ore. — The Business Commute Challenge is right around the corner, and organizers held a kickoff event Wednesday to get the community ready. Team leaders picked up team packets, grabbed a bite to eat and put their names into a drawing for a variety of prizes. The challenge is May 11-17. That week more … Continue reading »

Senate Passes Temp Licenses Bill

EUGENE, Ore. — Illegal immigrants may soon be able to get short term driver’s licenses in Oregon. The state Senate passed the controversial bill in a 20 to 7 vote. The bill would allow immigrants who have lived in Oregon for at least a year and meet other requirements to apply for driver’s licenses without … Continue reading »

Business Commute Challenge Begins Soon

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — As the weather gets nicer, a lot of us ditch our cars and find another way to get to work. That could be riding a bike, walking or hopping on the bus. Those habits could help your company win a county-wide competition. The city of Springfield is just one the workplaces that’s … Continue reading »

ODOT Installs Beltline Ramp Meters

EUGENE, Ore. — ODOT is diving into its construction season, including moving ahead with metered-ramp projects on Beltline Highway. Crews added some of the signage on the ramps, sparking some interest from drivers. The actual meters won’t go up for a couple more months through. The systems will be installed in four locations–River Road, River … Continue reading »

Local Police Focus on Safe Driving

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Police Department plans to crack down on unsafe driving for the next two weeks. Officers are focusing on drivers who are speeding or impaired or those without their seat belt on. EPD says some areas could have double or triple the usual coverage to get those issues in check. It … Continue reading »

1 in 24 Drivers Fall Asleep Behind Wheel

(CNN) — Some new data may encourage you to pull over if you’re feeling sleepy behind the wheel. It turns out just over 4 percent of drivers, or about one in 24, say they nodded off while driving in the previous month, according to a newly released study by the Centers for Disease Control and … Continue reading »

Allstate Hosts Driving Challenge Course

EUGENE, Ore. — We all claim we can text and drive, but what happens when people are actually put to the challenge? Allstate Insurance is hosting a safe driving course in Eugene. In-car cameras are set up in the vehicles to capture people attempting to safely drive while on the phone, listening to loud music, … Continue reading »

Teens More Likely to be Drowsy Drivers

(CNN) — Young people are apparently more likely to nod off behind the wheel than any other age group, according to a new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The research discovered one in seven young drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 dozed off while driving last year. Only one in … Continue reading »

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