California’s Drought Worries Residents

SAN JOAQUIN, Calif. (CNN) — The wells in San Joaquin’s city yard are always pumping, digging far into the earth, supplying this community of 4,000 people with the natural resource they so desperately need. “For the last five years, water has been a dominant issue for us,” said Ruby Dhaliwal, Mayor of San Joaquin. Mayor … Continue reading »

California Suffering Exceptional Drought

(CNN) — The Golden State is dry. According to a study from NASA, California needs roughly 11 trillion gallons of rain to survive its extreme drought. That’s enough water to fill 17 million Olympic swimming pools. Officials say the situation is so dire, the flooding that struck the state earlier this year barely made a … Continue reading »

Water Released to Protect Salmon

KLAMATH BASIN, Ore. — The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is increasing water flows in the Klamath River to fight a parasite attacking salmon. Officials say the increases from Iron Gate Dam near Hornbrook, California started Saturday and will run 10 days. They say this will prevent water from being released from Upper Klamath Lake, which … Continue reading »

Water Restored After Drought Dries Well

KINGS COUNTY, Calif. (CNN) — The well for a Kings County, California community ran dry, leaving 140 people without water. Kings County officials quickly jumped into action. Within hours, crews hooked up a 150-foot long fire hose to connect the community of Hamblin in east Hanford to the city of Hanford’s water system. “We’re in … Continue reading »

Drought Hurts Beach Businesses

GRANITE BAY, Ca. — A drought isn’t just drying up California’s Folsom Lake. Some area business owners say it’s also drying up their profits. From boat and equipment rentals to food and drink sales, many businesses are taking a hit. Shop owners say usually business is booming in the summer, but fewer people are stopping … Continue reading »

Drought-Resistant Gardens Paying Off

ASHLAND, Ore – The Ashland Public Works Department has signed up more than 40 homes in its lawn replacement program, as more homeowners attempt to cut down on water use during the current drought conditions. Ashland launched the program in June and reimburses homeowners who replace their traditional grass lawn with drought-resistant landscaping, including bark … Continue reading »

Heat Impacts Fruits and Vegetables

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — The hot weather mixed with severe drought conditions is impacting fruits and vegetables in the Rogue Valley. With the hot sun beating down on crops across southern Oregon, one might think the crops would be dried up, but farmers said with the proper irrigation, some of their crops are even being … Continue reading »

California Okays Fines for Wasting Water

(CNN) — California is cracking down on water wasters during the severe drought. Lawmakers approved a new set of emergency rules Tuesday. Anyone repeatedly caught wasting water on landscaping, car washing, hosing down sidewalks could face fines of up to $500 a day. Local law enforcement will enforce the fines. Water used tied to public … Continue reading »

Governor Declares Drought Emergency

JOSEPHINE COUNTY, Ore. – Governor Kitzhaber declared a drought emergency for Josephine County Monday. Kitzhaber made it official after the commissioner’s request last spring. The state council then weighed the request by considering current water conditions, future forecasts and agriculture impacts, and then made recommendations. This allows the state to prioritize use of water for human … Continue reading »

Drought Leaves Couple High and Dry

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (CNN) — For nearly two months, an elderly couple in Tulare County, California has had no running water in their home. The couple’s family installed water tanks, which they fill several times a week, but it’s certainly not enough. This is now Carmen Almanza’s daily routine. “It gets dirty, but then it’s … Continue reading »

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