Benton County Drug and Gambling Response

CORVALLIS, Ore. — A recent study in Benton County says kids are consuming alcohol, doing drugs, and gambling at earlier ages. Kelly Locey, the Adolescent Health Program Coordinator at the Benton County Health Department, says statistics show younger kids are admitting to substance use, which she says is many times related to problem gambling. “More … Continue reading »

“Cannamoms” Make the Move to Oregon

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon’s medical marijuana program is one of the most recognized in the county; so much so, even people from outside of the state are moving here just to take part. Families from all over the country say in their research, Oregon is the only state that allows non-residents to legally participate in … Continue reading »

New Rules Limit Precribed Painkillers

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon leads the nation in abuse of hydrocodone by young people, but a new federal rule will limit access to the drug. Prescription painkillers like Vicadin will now be in a drug class with the most dangerous and addictive substances. This reclassification is meant to limit the abundance and oversupply of the … Continue reading »

How to Stay Safe When Out Drinking

EUGENE, Ore. — Just a couple of days ago, University of Oregon Police reported an alleged drugging of a woman near campus. Now UOPD and bartenders are sharing tips on how to stay safe when going out to bars and parties. With summer approaching, activities are going to pick up; more parties and more people … Continue reading »

National Drug Take-Back Day

EUGENE, Ore. — Saturday is National Drug Take-Back Day, aimed to help decrease the abuse of prescription medications. Lane Community College had bins at both campuses for anyone to anonymously drop off any prescription drugs they might have. The drugs collected are then packaged and shipped to the Drug Enforcement Administration, where they are destroyed. LCC … Continue reading »

Fifteen People Charged in Pot Bust

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Fifteen people went in front of a federal judge Monday, facing federal drug charges. That after a law enforcement raided a marijuana growing operation in the Willamette National Forest. The Lane County Sheriff’s Office says this is one of the largest marijuana grows they’ve ever found in the county. Sunday afternoon … Continue reading »