2012 Duck Race: Beaudet Jewelry

EUGENE, Ore. — First thing in the morning at Beaudet Jewelry, the staff pulls the sheets off all the empty display cases in the store. Then they pull the jewelry out of the safe and, one at a time, put each piece back in its place until the cases are full. It’s meticulous work, but … Continue reading »

2012 Duck Race: Changing Lives

EUGENE, Ore. — Ask Christina Hammond about her life before going through Willamette Family Treatment Services and she responds with brutal honesty. “I knew people didn’t use [drugs] or were clean somehow, but that’s not what I knew,” she said. “That wasn’t my lifestyle. I needed help.” In August 2005, she finally got that help … Continue reading »

2012 Duck Race: Willamette Family

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s 8 a.m. on a Friday and inside Willamette Family Treatment Services’ safe house, everyone’s just getting their day started. Mornings here begin with pajamas and a visit to Sesame Street. “What the safe house is is a place for women, infants and children up to two years old to come live … Continue reading »

2012 Duck Race: Outreach Helps Families

EUGENE, Ore. — Sitting in a classroom at the Relief Nursery, Fabiola Marroquin tried to coax her son, Santana, into breaking a smile. “He’s kind of shy right now, but it’s not real,” she said. “He’s just pretending.” Fabiola describes her youngest child as wild, in the throws of the “Terrible Twos.” It’s tough for … Continue reading »

2012 Duck Race: Relief Nursery

EUGENE, Ore. — In a way, the Great Rotary Duck Race is the foundation on which the Relief Nursery was built. “We’ve been involved with the Duck Race — really — from the very beginning,” said Kelly Sutherland, the nursery’s executive director. “We’ve very closely aligned with the mission of preventing child abuse and neglect.” … Continue reading »

2012 Duck Race: Best-Kept Secret

EUGENE, Ore. — At Happy Hearts Kids Care, every day has a set routine, one the kids who come here can get accustomed to. That’s something the owner and director Christine Friedemann learned from her experience with her own son years ago. “He just socially wasn’t doing well in the classroom. He wasn’t interested in … Continue reading »

2012 Duck Race: Direction Service

EUGENE, Ore. — “We’ve been a well-kept secret for a long time.” According Aimee Walsh, the family coordination director for Direction Service,  the agency might have stayed a secret if it weren’t for the Great Rotary Duck Race. “It’s kind of a stamp of approval in the community that the Duck Race believes in what you … Continue reading »

2012 Duck Race: Ticket Sales Drive

EUGENE, Ore. — With a table decked out with goodies — balloons, plastic ducks, even tattoos — the staff of five local non-profits spent Tuesday trying to lure in customers. The morning started off with nibbles, but before long, they nabbed some big catches. “We’re really getting a pretty steady amount of people coming here,” … Continue reading »

2012 Duck Race: Helping Parents Succeed

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Michael and Deborah Fiock were at their wit’s end. They’re experienced parents who, after raising seven children, faced an unforeseen challenge in their eighth. “[He] has problems with behavior and did not work in the regular school system,” said Deborah. The couple knew about The Child Center and reached out for help. “We … Continue reading »

2012 Duck Race: The Child Center

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Walk into The Child Center in Springfield and one of the first things you’ll notice in the non-profit’s new building is the art. Beautiful watercolor paintings of children — a few feature only a single child, others feature pairs or groups — adorn the walls. Like those featured in the paintings, the … Continue reading »

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