LCSO Donates Clothes to Warming Centers

EUGENE, Ore. — The Lane County Sheriff’s Office is giving the Egan Warming Centers some of its surplus clothing. On Tuesday morning, employees dropped off more than 70 pairs of fleece pants, a few warm jackets and a pair of boots. All of the clothing came from military surplus that the county hasn’t used, so … Continue reading »

Lebanon Warming Shelter Open Tuesday

LEBANON, Ore. — The Lebanon Warming Shelter will be open Tuesday night, due to temperatures expected to drop below 25 degrees overnight. Those who stay at the shelter will be provided a warm blanket, a mat to sleep on, hot beverages and a snack. The shelter, operated by the City of Lebanon, is located at … Continue reading »

Maj. Thomas Egan Remembered

EUGENE, Ore. — The man who inspired the Egan Warming Centers was remembered Thursday morning. Maj. Thomas Egan was a homeless veteran who froze to death on the streets of Eugene in 2008. After he died, community members banded together to create a volunteer-run program that serves homeless community members in the Eugene-Springfield area. They … Continue reading »

Egan Warming Centers Prepare for Winter

EUGENE, Ore. — The temperatures are dropping and people here in the Willamette Valley say they’re definitely gearing up for what’s coming and the Egan Warming Centers are as well. They say they aren’t open yet but if the temperatures fall below 30, they’re ready to open their doors. “I thought it was cold today,” … Continue reading »

Egan Warming Centers Open

EUGENE, Ore. — The extended stretch of cold nights means the Egan Warming Centers will be open for the foreseeable future. The centers opened their doors Tuesday night for the second consecutive night. There are five warming centers. We asked the volunteers who worked during the December cold snap that stretched eight nights how they … Continue reading »

Community Remembers Maj. Thomas Egan

EUGENE, Ore. — The Egan Warming Centers have been open for five seasons now, in large part to Maj. Thomas Egan, a man few knew until his death back in 2008. People gathered in the Whiteaker Neighborhood Monday to celebrate Egan’s life. They’re using his passing as a way to educate the others about an … Continue reading »

Egan Warming Centers Get New Volunteers

EUGENE, Ore. — The return to near-normal winter temperatures couldn’t come quick enough for the Egan Warming Centers. The centers stayed open for eight consecutive nights. Dozens of residents turned out Thursday night to train to be the newest volunteers at the centers. “Many of our guests tell us that we are their only place … Continue reading »

More Warming Center Locations to Open

EUGENE, Ore. — The temperatures are dropping, and the Egan Warming Centers are gearing up to open Tuesday with more centers available. First Christian Church on Oak Street in downtown Eugene will open its doors. The other locations opening are Valley Covenant Church, Ebbert Memorial Methodist Church, Trinity United Methodist Church and Hosea Youth Services. … Continue reading »

Egan Warming Centers Asking for Help

EUGENE, Ore. — The Egan Warming Centers say they’re facing a crisis with cold weather approaching and not enough capacity to meet the need. The centers offer a warm place to sleep for people in Eugene and Springfield when the temperature drops below 30 degrees. They can help between 300 and 320 people, depending on … Continue reading »

Egan Warming Centers to Open Wednesday

EUGENE, Ore. — It looks like we’re about to see some of the coldest nights of the season so far this year. And, the Egan Warming Centers are gearing up to help keep people out of the cold. The centers are activate when temperatures dip below 30 degrees. Starting Tuesday night through Sunday below freezing … Continue reading »

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