Residents Vote to Support Bethel Schools

EUGENE, Ore. — If anything’s crystal clear, it’s that voters in the Bethel area support their schools. Measure 20-209, a bond measure aimed at fixing up the district’s schools and buying new textbooks, passed handily. Supporters knocked on about 5,000 doors campaigning for the issue and, apparently, won voters over. “This is a community effort. … Continue reading »

Voters Turn Out for Election

EUGENE, Ore. — In just a few short hours, the state and nation will get a glimpse of its future as the deadline to cast your vote closes in. Voters came by bike, by car and even on foot to cast the votes that would determine the leadership and fate of the nation. As to … Continue reading »

Oakridge Measures Could Bring Big Change

OAKRIDGE, Ore. — Of all of the city measures local residents are voting on Tuesday, the three items on the Oakridge ballot might spur the most change. Residents suggested the three measures after a $400,000 financial debacle shook the Lane County town last year. After a complicated year at Oakridge City Hall, residents now have … Continue reading »

NYC to Relocate Poling Locations

(CNN) — New York City will relocate or combine some polling places on Tuesday because of Sandy’s damage, according to the city’s election officials. Many areas still don’t have power, which could mean trouble with electronic voting machines. And some people say they’re worried about turnout, since storm victims are likely more focused on the … Continue reading »

Benton County to Vote on Tax Levy

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Benton County voters will be making a big decision on whether they want to continue to help fund critical services. They already approved a property tax levy in 2007. Now, they are being asked to renew it. It helps fund public safety as well as the health department. The levy helps fund … Continue reading »

Students Vote in Mock Election

EUGENE, Ore. — Students at South Eugene High School got a first-hand look at how the election process runs Thursday. They took part in a mock election. Here’s a quick rundown of how the students voted: -President Obama beat Mitt Romney–7 to 1. -Peter DeFazio held on to his seat with a 10-to-1 margin. -Students … Continue reading »

Election 2012: Willamalane Parks Bond

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — One of the issues on November’s ballot Springfield voters will decide is if they want to pay for several projects at local parks. It’s asking voters for $20 million over 20 years Willamalane gathered input from more than 2,000 community members to help it prioritize projects. One of the projects is to … Continue reading »

City Council Candidates Debate Sunday

EUGENE, Ore. — Two candidates for the Eugene City Council will face each other in a debate on Sunday, two months ahead of election day. Juan Carlos Valle is running against incumbent Betty Taylor for the Ward 2 seat on the council. Taylor has held the position since 1997. The debate, sponsored by the League … Continue reading »

50 Years of KEZI 9 News: 1976

EUGENE, Ore. — In the midst of the 2010 election season, KEZI 9 looks back at what happened in Eugene during the presidential campaigns of 1976. In that year, Jimmy Carter beat Ronald Reagan to become president.  Reagan would go on to win the presidency four years later.

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