Corvallis Up For $5M Energy Prize

CORVALLIS, Ore. — ¬†Five million dollars is how much is at stake. Corvallis, one of 50 communities in the nation, is competing for a Georgetown University Energy Prize to continue promoting energy conservation. And if Corvallis were to win, residents in the community could also win some of the big prize money. Energize Corvallis, a … Continue reading »

LED Bulbs Save Energy

EUGENE, Ore. — Saving money is as easy as changing a light bulb–literally–according to Home Depot. Managers at the Eugene location say if you replace incandescent bulbs with their LED counterparts, you’ll use 85 percent less energy. Some of the LED bulbs create the same light quality and ambiance of incandescent bulbs. “This is what … Continue reading »

Calculating Home Heating Costs

EUGENE, Ore. — With freezing temps in Western Oregon this week, how much does it cost to keep homes warm? The Emerald People’s Utility District (EPUD) says for every two-degree drop outside, your heating system–electric, natural gas or wood stove–is working 6 percent harder to maintain heat. How energy efficient your home is will impact … Continue reading »

Incandescent Light Bulbs Phased Out

EUGENE, Ore. — There’s a big change happening Jan. 1 you may not know about–phase two of the federally mandated phaseout of incandescent light bulbs. Gone are the type “A” light bulbs we’ve grown up with for years. Store supplies are running low, and in 2014 these light bulbs will be banned. The phaseout requires … Continue reading »

Heating Your Home Efficiently

EUGENE, Ore. — When there’s a chill in the air, like there has been the past few days, it’s always nice to come home to a warm house and turn on the TV and Christmas tree. But all that doesn’t have to send your power usage through the roof. There are a few tips to … Continue reading »

Passive Home’s Energy Efficiency Tested

EUGENE, Ore. — The first multi-family passive house in the state was tested Friday for its energy efficiency. The home is in Eugene as part of low-income housing. The test done Friday will confirm the designers and builders are on track to achieve a super-energy efficient rating. “It’s so extreme that we’re actually testing it … Continue reading »