Citizens Sound Off on 2015 Eugene Budget

EUGENE, Ore. — The city of Eugene continues to face huge deficits in its general fund, and now it’s turning to residents for help prioritizing its services. Dozens of resident attended the budget workshop Tuesday night at the South Eugene High School. The residents were broken into separate groups and given a chart of different … Continue reading »

Committee to Finalize Eugene Budget

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Budget Committee is finalizing its budget proposal Wednesday night. Committee members will hear testimony from the public at that time. The current recommendation is no cuts to public services and instead offer nearly $5.5 million in one time funding to support these services for the rest of the year. That … Continue reading »

Budget Committee Considers Options

EUGENE, Ore. — While a majority of Tuesday night’s city budget meeting was spent giving public comment, there was a little time left over for a discussion about funds. Committee members talked about the possibility of using one-time funds to prevent immediate cuts. The money would come from potential PERS savings or drawing on reserves. … Continue reading »