Committee to Finalize Eugene Budget

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Budget Committee is finalizing its budget proposal Wednesday night. Committee members will hear testimony from the public at that time. The current recommendation is no cuts to public services and instead offer nearly $5.5 million in one time funding to support these services for the rest of the year. That … Continue reading »

Eugene City Services Fee Fails

EUGENE, Ore. — With a nearly two-to-one vote against Eugene’s service fee, city leaders say they heard voters loud and clear. With no plan B, the city says it’s back to the drawing board. It was a tough night and morning for all the folks who supported the fee, especially for those back on the … Continue reading »

Eugene Service Fee Loses Support

EUGENE, Ore. — The most controversial and debated on this ballot was the city services fee. The preliminary numbers did not look good. The fee’s supporters gathered at The Bier Stein as those first numbers loaded up. With nearly a 2-to-1 vote against Measure 20-211, what may be tough loss for city officials is just … Continue reading »

Both Sides Battle for Service Fee Votes

EUGENE, Ore. — A controversial issue on Lane County’s May 2013 Special Election ballot is Eugene’s city service fee. As the clock was winding down, both sides continued to battle it out Tuesday for those last-minute votes. Whether it was making phone calls or passing out any remaining fliers, folks on both sides of Measure … Continue reading »

City Club Debates Eugene Fee

EUGENE, Ore. — The hotly contested vote over a city service fee in Eugene is just weeks away. On Friday, both sides of the issue debated the idea. If the measure passes, Eugene residents will pay $10 a month per household, and businesses will pay $30 a month for each business location in the city … Continue reading »