Crash Sends Motorcyclist to the Hospital

EUGENE, Ore. — A motorcycle driver was taken to the hospital Saturday morning after a minor crash. It happened just before 11 a.m. at the corner of Coburg Road and Willakenzie. Eugene Police said cars ahead of the motorcycle came to a stop, but the driver was following too closely, went to swerve to avoid … Continue reading »

Police Test New Dispatch System

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Police Department is giving its records and dispatch system a cutting-edge makeover. EPD is the first in the state to use the program, Sunguard,  and will start testing the system this week. The advanced update fully integrates every system in the department including dispatch, mobile and records. That allows the department to share with … Continue reading »

Man Stabbed Outside of Good Times Bar

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Police Department is investigating a stabbing that took place right outside of Good Times bar Friday night. Police says it appears there was a dispute between two groups in the parking lot on 7th Avenue. One man was stabbed several times, but both the suspect and the victim fled the … Continue reading »

EPD Program Helps People Avoid Tickets

EUGENE, Ore. — A new program through the Eugene Police Department will help people avoid tickets. Starting Aug. 1, anyone pulled over in Eugene for vehicle violations will be able to enroll in the Vehicle Compliance Program. Instead of being given a ticket that stays on a driver’s record, you’d get a citation. Then, you … Continue reading »

EPD Reports 100 Burglaries in a Month

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Police Department (EPD) said residents may be making it easier for criminals to take advantage them. The Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) reported 100 burglaries from July 9 to August 5, many of which they believe could have easily been prevented. EPD said while the numbers are about average for this … Continue reading »

Boy Helps Catch Thief

EUGENE, Ore. — A 12-year-old Eugene boy helped catch a criminal, and Thursday he got a very special treat. Hunter Day was hanging out at a park near the Eugene Winco when he noticed a man hiding in the bushes and alerted a nearby police officer. It turned out the man had just shoplifted from … Continue reading »

EPD Responds to Patrol Cars Controversy

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Police Department is responding to criticism about a new fleet of patrol cars. Some are angry the department would opt for an SUV that get s a little more than 11 miles to the gallon, especially at a time gas prices are so high. But it’s not that simple. The … Continue reading »

New Leads in Fmr. Officer Investigation

EUGENE, Ore. — New leads have come out in the investigation into former Eugene Police Officer Stefan Zeltvay and his interaction with students at South Eugene High School. In July, Zeltvay was convicted of sexually harassing and abusing six women. There were reports of a groping incident at the school involving a female student during … Continue reading »

West 11th Fire Cause Under Investigation

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Fire Department is still investigating what cause a grass fire to shut down parts of West 11th Avenue. Eugene police say the fire broke out Friday afternoon at Highway 126 and Greenhill Road. West 11th Avenue from North Terry to Greenhill Road were closed while dozens of crews battled the … Continue reading »

Citizens Question Local Law Enforcement

EUGENE, Ore. — There have been several events the last few months in Eugene and Springfield that have people thinking twice about local law enforcement. After hearing about what’s been going on these last few months, most of the citizens KEZI 9 News spoke to Thursday were definitely a little less trusting of these civil … Continue reading »

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