City Manager to Explore Fee Options

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene City Council voted Monday night to have the city manager comprise a proposed ordinance for a stormwater and parks service fee. All of this stems from a $6 million budget shortfall. The fee would not exceed $5, and the council says there will be plenty of public comment opportunities to … Continue reading »

Residents Oppose Stormwater Fee Change

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene residents are telling city councilors it’s time to learn to live within your means. The city council is considering new fees to plug a huge hole in the budget. The city council faced a tough crowd Tuesday night. Only one person spoke out in favor of the proposed fee. Everyone else … Continue reading »

Public Invited to Speak on Service Fees

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene City Council will hold a public hearing for the first time on Tuesday to discuss one or two possible city service fees. One of those fees would have Eugene residents paying an extra $120 a year. City leaders say the fees would simply maintain services that many residents want to keep … Continue reading »