Students Petition Social Host Ordinance

EUGENE, Ore. — Students at the University of Oregon are fighting an ordinance they say unfairly targets them. The Social Host Ordinance, passed by the Eugene City Council earlier this year, slaps violators with fines up to $1,000 for hosting unruly parties. Student leaders are now pushing for the repeal of the ordinance. They say … Continue reading »

Police Train Landlords on Ordinance

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Police Department offered a training Tuesday for local landlords about tenant laws, but one rule in particular had property owners’ interest. After Monday night’s city council vote, many Eugene landlords are curious how the social host ordinance will change their business. Part of the ordinance holds landlords accountable for social … Continue reading »

Council Approves Social Host Ordinance

EUGENE, Ore. — Hosting a disruptive party could now land you a significant fine. The Eugene City Council unanimously approved a controversial social host ordinance at Monday’s city council meeting.  Eugene Police says it’s happy it passed. The social host ordinance is meant to put a stop to excessive parties and ultimately prevent underage drinking … Continue reading »

Council to Vote on Social Host Ordinance

EUGENE, Ore. — Some very vocal neighbors could claim a major victory over their much louder neighbors. The Eugene City Council is expected to take up the social host ordinance Monday for a vote. It could mean the end of a long and controversial battle. Neighbors of some University of Oregon students are fed up … Continue reading »

Council to Vote on Social Host Ordinance

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene Police and some city leaders say large, alcohol fueled parties near the University of Oregon have gotten out of hand. One option that could help crack down campus partying is the Social Host Ordinance, which the Eugene City Council could pass on Monday night. The ordinance would hold those who host … Continue reading »