What to Eat for Your Workout

(CNN) — Before running a half marathon last year, Gouthami Rao consulted a dietitian to create the best diet for her training. “Striking a bigger balance between carbs and protein, which I think is a huge battle for pretty much everybody when they eat,” Rao said. So why do protein and carbs pack the right … Continue reading »

Benton County: 2nd Healthiest County

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Benton County was ranked Oregon’s second healthiest county in a state-by-state effort by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to promote public health. Rain or shine, people in Corvallis make time to fit exercise into their day. “If it was raining, I’d still be working out. As soon as the sun breaks through, … Continue reading »

New CrossFit Gym Opens

EUGENE, Ore. — If you’re looking to stay fit in the new year, a new gym is opening in Eugene. CrossFit Evviva is opening a new location near downtown. It offers a variety of classes, including cycling and rope climbing. The gym’s owner says that while this particular business might be new, its workouts have … Continue reading »

Oz Gym Under New Ownership

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Oz Fitness in Springfield’s Gateway Mall will be under new ownership starting Saturday. International Fitness, a locally-owned gym, bought it. The 32,000-square-foot space will become the fifth location for International Fitness in the Eugene and Springfield area. At least one customer is excited about the change. “There’s been some maintenance issues. There’s … Continue reading »

Exercise Adds Years, Despite Weight

(CNN) — Getting your heart pumping through exercise can help you live longer, even if you’re overweight, according to a new study. And you don’t have to work out all that much to extend your life. The researchers analyzed several studies of more than 632,000 adults, 40 and older, who were followed for about 10 … Continue reading »

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